Cool Collaborations

Cool Collaborations

Collaborating with people and organisations has always been at the heart of everything we do at Cool to be Kind. When people and organisations communicate, share ideas and resources, amazing outcomes are possible. In 2015, when Cool to be Kind was established, we noticed there was very little collaboration between the different agencies/local homeless support groups in the city. Today, seven years later, with the hard work of everyone at Cool to be Kind and other organisations, the situation has been turned around. We are proud to have been a driving force in the many collaborations in place today, resulting in rough sleepers getting the support they require quickly. We will continue our efforts in forging further collaborations throughout the city and beyond

Radio City Beer Works

In 2020 co-founder Brian McGovern and Radio City Beer Works started a cool collaboration to help raise funds for the homeless and vulnerable people of Chelmsford. Radio City sold a special C2bK branded beer to raise money for our annual Rucksack Project. In memory of Brian and following a meeting with Dan (from Radio City and our Dan Skeates!) this collaboration has been resurrected. They donated £200.00 in 2022 and this great cool collaboration will continue we hope for many years to come!

Chelmsford City Council

Since Cool to be Kind began, we have worked closely with Chelmsford City Council and were invited to be a part of the ‘Homeless Forum’ from which policies and services have been created holistically to benefit the homeless of Chelmsford.

Irons Supporting FoodBanks

Cool to be Kind are proud to announce a cool collaboration with Irons Supporting FoodBanks, an organisation run by John Ratomski, that receives donations from thousands of West Ham football fans, West Ham football club and Met Police to support food banks and supply clothing to charities and organisations to be given to the homeless. Dan Skeates, both a founding member of Cool to be Kind and a West Ham season ticket holder, has teamed up with Irons Supporting FoodBanks and they will now be regularly supplying Cool to be Kind with clothing, which will then be passed on to outreach groups, organisations and charities who help the homeless of Chelmsford.

Premier Prints and Warm Hearts for Cold Hands

A fantastic cool collaboration between Cool to be Kind, Premier Prints and Promotions and Warm Hearts for Cold Hands. We have all joined forces to raise money for The Rucksack Project, which provides essential warm clothing & sleeping bags to outreach groups for the homeless of Chelmsford during the harsh winter weather. Premier Prints and Promotions kindly donated 4 tickets (2 tickets on two different dates) for Disney on Ice at the O2 in London this December (2022). A fantastic prize for a raffle run by Warm Hearts for Cold Hands and Cool to be Kind. We raised £1175.00!