The Rucksack Project

Tackling Homelessness Together


The Rucksack Project


Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed a heartwarming display of kindness and generosity from both individuals and local organisations, including schools and scout groups. Together, we’ve managed to donate around 1,000 rucksacks to rough sleepers in the South East and London.

Our journey began with a simple call to action, encouraging our community to fill rucksacks with winter essentials for those in need. This initiative has flourished, and we now have a dedicated storage facility where we safely store all the donated items before distributing them.

If you would like to find out more please contact

So, if you would like to put a rucksack together, these are the things you need to include:

Sleeping Bag 3-4 season, Hoodie, Thick Socks, Thermals, Gloves, Woolly Hat. 

You may have items around your home you no longer need. You might also find good bargains in charity shops and pound stores.

In 2017, the Rucksack Project launched the ‘Purse Project’ to assist women facing challenging circumstances. You can make a positive impact by contributing sanitary towels, tampons, or filling a ‘purse’ (or toiletry bag) with these essential items. Additionally, consider including underwear, hand wash, a hairbrush, hair bands, vaseline, moisturiser, roll-on deodorant, tissues, and any other vital toiletries that female rough sleepers require. Your support can provide them with the essentials for a more comfortable life.

  • All rucksacks must have 2 straps.
  • Rucksacks must not include paracetamol or medication.
  • Please drop the rucksack off on SUNDAYS between 11:30am and 12:30am at:
Rainsford Road, 
the rucksack. project flyer