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Introducing Street Support Chelmsford, a comprehensive directory of community outreach and help services devised to help with homelessness and assist the vulnerable in the Chelmsford area. As the go-to online resource for support services, Street Support Chelmsford offers a list of local organizations that provide homeless help, including safe shelter, food banks, and support for a range of issues such as domestic abuse and addiction.

Street Support Chelmsford is also a place where one can offer help. There are vacancies advertised for volunteers, items required for donation and links for financial aid to assist the charities and organisations under the Street Support umbrella.

Initially founded by Gary Dunston in Manchester, Street Support has expanded across the UK  and added many chapters to its network.

Cool to be Kind enthusiastically embraced the task of establishing the Chelmsford branch of the Street Support Network. Months of meticulous planning, coordination, administrative tasks, web development, and data collection were undertaken to bring various organizations together. The efforts reached fruition with the launch event in Spring 2022 at Anglia Ruskin University.

On 28th April 2022, Jude Deakin (Mayor of Chelmsford), officially activated the Street Support Chelmsford webpage  that added Chelmsford to the Street Support organisation.

How We Can Help

At the time of writing Street Support Chelmsford embraces 39 support organisations that provide up to 52 relief services for those in need. The list of charity and volunteer groups in Essex keen to join is growing.

Our website includes an interactive map that pins the locations where relief can be found, as well as an advice page with guidance and action suggestions for those in distress.

Join the Street Support Network

Street Support is designed for volunteers and carers as much as it is for those facing hardship. It is a tool for all those involved in assisting the homeless and more.

As of May 2022, Street Support Network has nationally grouped over 1400 listed service providers, enjoyed the contribution of close to 3000 volunteers and collected just under 2 million website views. These numbers are consistantly growing.

If you represent an organisation based in or around Chelmsford and would like to participate in the Street Support Chelmsford initiative or wish to make a donation, please get in touch.

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