Cool to be Kind: Addressing Homelessness in Essex

Challenging Misconceptions

In response to the controversial remarks of former Home Secretary Suella Braverman, Cool to be Kind vehemently asserts that homelessness is an urgent crisis demanding attention. By actively challenging prevailing misconceptions, this community-driven, charitable organisation aims to reshape public perspectives on homelessness, emphasising that homelessness is NOT a choice, but a pressing social concern.

Urgent Winter Appeal

Urgently addressing the impending winter cold, Cool to be Kind is at work with its seasonal appeals. This winter’s initiatives rotate around The Rucksack Project in collaboration with the Warm Hearts for Cold Hands, our outreach organisation. The Rucksack Project seeks immediate support for the homeless in the form winter sleeping bags, clothing and sanitary essentials that can be conveniently gathered and delivered in rucksacks. Furthermore, there is an ongoing fund raising campaign for which no donation is too small, dedicated to the purchase of tents, ground mats and similar for those in need. Cool to be Kind and its partners envisions providing immediate shelter and solace to those grappling with the harsh realities of homelessness especially, but not only, during the colder months of the year.

Growth and Advocacy

Since its inception, with the first Rucksack Project in 2015, Cool to be Kind has evolved dynamically, becoming a recognised local force in combating homelessness. With a keen focus on immediate relief and a commitment to advocating for systemic change, Cool to be Kind has teamed with Warm Hearts for Cold Hands Initiative and other outreach organisations to distribute items directly to rough sleepers, homeless individuals, and those navigating vulnerable situations in Chelmsford and beyond. The shared vision is to address the root causes of homelessness and actively advocating for systemic change.

Get Involved

Join the movement and be part of making a positive impact on the lives of the homeless in Essex.