Good News: The Malachi Project in Ilford and Southend

Container homes in a row

The Malachi Project in Ilford is a temporary ‘pop-up’ hostel of modular units to house homeless people while they make informed decisions about their futures. It is managed by the Salvation Army in Ilford, in partnership with Citizens UK; the Diocese of Chelmsford is a strategic partner.

This has led to another project in the Southend area where a set of six flatpack homes have been installed in Leigh to help homeless people in their transition from a previous life on the streets to more settled housing.

The homes were gifted to Southend Council by The Hill Group, and the Salvation Army in Southend has joined with Citizens UK to set up a partnership of other faith organisations and homelessness charities to deliver the project. The residents moved in during June and they will receive support and training.

Andy Griffiths, from Chelmsford Diocese and a core team member for Citizens UK said: “We’re excited to see this development, which is a classic example of what is possible when a local citizens alliance works in partnership with the council and the charitable sector. The Salvation Army is taking the lead, but other churches such as the nearby LifeStreams benefice have a stake in the project via the Diocese’s strategic partnership and by building real relationships.” (The View Edition 109)