Helen on Phoenix FM !

Helen sits at the microphone at Phoenix FM talking about Cool to be Kind

Helen Wilkerson gave Phoenix listeners an update on the rucksack project currently run and organised by C2bK . References were made to the C2bK website for information regarding what to pack in rucksacks for or women and rucksacks for men. Every year there are significant donations that enable many rucksacks to be distributed to rough sleepers in Chelmsford and beyond, but there is always a need for more generosity and good will.

Helen also told listeners about a small exhibit created by C2bK  and on display at the Chelmsford museum in Oaklands Park . The purpose of the display is to showcase C2bK’s  “cool collaborations” initiative, namely a push at coordinating diverse local charitable organisations to better target common goals in unison. Together, via lobbying for change, each organisation shares the aspiration to end homelessness on the streets of Chelmsford.

Focus was also placed on Street Support, the one-stop web-site created by C2bK to aid the vulnerable, the homeless and those most in need of assistance during the the current cost of living crisis.  The site also provides a wealth of information  regarding  accessible warm spaces in Chelmsford. These spaces are meant to allow those in need to escape and find temporary relief from the chilling winter cold .

Finally, Helen made an appeal to any likely volunteers to come forward and join the C2bK effort. Anyone with competencies in administration, driving, marketing, storage or fund-raising, is encouraged to get in touch. There is a strong desire to expand C2bK beyond the boundaries of Chelmsford.

Listen to Helen on Phoenix FM with Patrick Sherring, here !