New Life Chapter 1

Brian recently received this wonderful message, below, from one of our former service users which touched him greatly.  He had saved up enough for a flight to Tenerife, realising that if he was going to break the cycle of addiction and rough sleeping he needed to change his environment.

He is now free from drugs and looking to build a new life for himself…Well done my friend.

“Good morning Brian, how's you well i trust? well I've been here nearly 3 months now I've moved on to a proper campsite with swimming pool toilet etc. Going to the north of tenerife in a couple of days at the very top and then returning to England in the next few weeks to go and stay with my parents for a bit as I'm having a good rapport with them- I won't be coming back to Chelmsford as that's not the way forward for me.I do recognise the people that have helped me on my journey and recovery which includes you so i will never forget that Say hi to Dan for me please and you all take care much love”