Cool to be Kind Remembers Brian McGovern on Chelmsford Community Radio

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Helen, from Cool to be Kind (C2bK), recently joined Nita Jhummh on Chelmsford Community Radio to discuss Brian McGovern’s legacy and highlight the projects that C2bK and Street Support Chelmsford are currently working on.

The conversation started with Helen and Nita considering Brian’s life and work. Brian was a compassionate and beloved individual who made a significant impact on the Chelmsford community before his untimely passing. Helen described how Brian inspired Cool to be Kind’s mission of spreading positivity throughout Chelmsford and beyond.

Helen then shared the latest news from Cool to be Kind, including initiatives to spread awareness and expand the scope of Street Support Chelmsford. Street Support is an online resource that brings together charitable and volunteer organisations to offer immediate support to those in need. This online resource has already assisted many people and continues to grow.

Cool to be Kind has also strengthened its ties with other charitable organisations in the Chelmsford area and beyond. Recently they collaborated with Irons Supporting Food Banks, a support group sustained by West Ham United supporters.

Overall, the conversation between Helen and Nita was engaging and inspiring, emphasising the importance of compassion and community involvement. Cool to be Kind and Street Support Chelmsford are making a difference in the lives of many, and Brian’s legacy continues to inspire others to spread positivity.

Listen to the Helen and Nita here!

Helen from Cool to be Kind (C2bK) with Nita at Chelmsford Community Radio.

The team at Cool to be Kind has made a significant impact in the community by promoting and maintaining ‘Street Support Chelmsford’, an online directory of help and services that provides immediate assistance to the vulnerable in the Chelmsford area.

Street Support Chelmsford’ is a comprehensive online resource that lists all charitable and volunteer organisations that can offer support to those in need. Whether someone is struggling with addiction, is facing homelessness, or simply finding it difficult to make ends meet, ‘Street Support Chelmsford’ is the go-to, one-stop online directory for immediate guidance and help.

What has truly set Cool to be Kind apart is the unwavering dedication of its team to their mission.

The volunteers and staff members have worked tirelessly to ensure that ‘Street Support Chelmsford’ remains up-to-date and effective in meeting the needs of the community. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, as Cool to be Kind has won the prestigious Essex High Sheriffs award for the second year running.

Compassion and the will to help others is what drives the initiative at Cool to be kind. The volunteers have taken these words to heart and rely on the empathy, kindness, and generosity of others to continue to make a difference to the Essex community. If you feel you can make a contribution, be it of your time or otherwise, please consider joining the team.

Get in touch, join us and make a difference!